DBS – Online tracking of applications

Employers can track individual Disclosure Applications online by using the DBS’s Online Tracking system.
You will need the DBS Application reference number (e.g. F0012345678) plus the applicant’s date of birth.

The screen will show the five stages of the DBS’s process, for example:

The Disclosure Application Form F0012345678 was received by the DBS on 16 Jan 2013. Its current progress is:

Stage 1 (Application Form received and validated): Completed on 17 Jan 2013
Stage 2 (Police National Computer searched): Completed on 17 Jan 2013
Stage 3 (DBS Children, DBS Adults and List 99 searched, where applicable): Completed on 17 Jan 2013
Stage 4 (Records held by the Police search): In Progress
Stage 5 (Disclosure Printed): Not Started


You can also request an escalate of outstanding applications online if the application has been at Stage 4 (with the police) for over 60 days. If this is applicable there will be an additional button at the bottom of the tracking screen for you to click, and an escalation reference will be provided to confirm an escalation has been requested.